Licensed Sales Agents May or May Not Specialize in Medicare

Licensed Sales Agents May or May Not Specialize in Medicare

When it comes to Medicare enrollment, there can be a lot of questions and complications. And along the way, it’s best to touch base with a Licensed Sales Agent that specializes in Medicare to help explain those questions.

What is a Licensed Sales Agent aka Insurance Sales Agent?

A Licensed Sales Agent who specializes in Medicare is, quite simply, an individual or company that can simplify the enrollment of Medicare. A sales agent can offer a product from a host of product lines, while an insurance company characteristically only offers a product from its own product line. This means that a licensed sales agent can give recipients of Medicare more options when it comes to coverage.

Licensed sales agents can sell insurance to individuals or companies. Sometimes these agents will sell insurance as part of group health coverage, while other licensed and legal sales agents sell more specific plans.

Licenses Sales Agents specializing in Medicare do not administer the coverage directly, as that coverage still comes from the Medicare plan selected.

What are the Benefits of Using a Sales Agent?

There are actually a number of benefits.

A licensed agent that specialized in Medicare coverage can save you money.  There are no up-front fees and he or she can assist you in saving money on monthly premiums by sourcing a host of different plans. In some cases they are paid a commission from a private insurance seller if a plan is procured. Some sales agents may charge a fee for services, such as telephone calls and the like, but these individuals should be avoided.

Insurance sales agents are beneficial because they are well-versed in understanding the circumlocution and complication of Medicare. There are numerous examples of the labyrinth of Medicare, like how standardized Medigap plans can still carry different premiums for the same policy depending on the insurance company. A licensed agent can help find a way out of the jargon-based maze.

Insurance sales agents are not permitted to “pressure” consumers into Medicare plans and they cannot endorse or recommend a singular plan, so their main purpose is information.

Best of all, a licensed sales agent that specializes in Medicare is independent. His or her only concern is supporting the navigation of coverage. Contending with a direct agent through an insurance carrier means contending with a profit margin. Insurance companies want to sell insurance and a licensed agent can stand in that opening to ensure that the insurance sold is the insurance his or her client actually wants.

What Qualifications Make the Best Sales Agents?

In the end, finding a qualified and licensed agent that specializes in Medicare is still a matter of doing a little research.

Because Medicare supplement sales agents and Medicare Advantage sales agents must be licensed in the state in which they operate, users can rest assured that they will be able to handle the complex state-oriented code at the core of Medicare plans. And because each state is different when it comes to numerous pieces of Medicare, a state-trained Insurance Sales agent is a benefit.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has training guidelines that ensure state sales agents are tested each year on their knowledge of Medicare ins and outs. Because so much changes in Medicare coverage annually, testing ensures that any sales agent is up-to-date when it comes to their product line.

Some licensed agents handle a package of insurance products, from Medicare to automobile and even home insurance. This may actually work against the consumer, however, because it infers a level of wide-ranging expertise that may not match the direct, detailed knowledge of a certified and licensed state Medicare supplement sales agent.

Insurance Sales Agents have contemporary information about what the different carriers are up to and are familiar with prices and price changes, which means they can reveal assessment points and enlighten consumers as to how to make the best decision. Some carriers make more conventional rate increases than others, so they can inform consumers as to how it all breaks down.

While traditionally one might have looked for a sales agent in the same geographical area, today’s technology eliminates a lot of the time spent in transit. Many are licensed in multiple states, which makes it easier to find one with a relevant skillset. Licensed agents can locate tailored comparison plans, state by state, and deliver the goods without the customer leaving his or her comfortable couch.

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